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Frisby Mountain Revelstoke


1800 Westerburg Rd,

Revelstoke, British Columbia

V0E 2S1


Driving Directions

Driving East

When you drive into Revelstoke, cross the bridge then turn right onto Victoria Road. Victoria Road will follow the railway tracks around the town centre then turn left onto 4th St which will cross over the train tracks. Keep following 4th St (it will become Airport Way) until you pass the airport on your right, then you will see a blue B & B sign (actually the second one on this road) with an arrow pointing left, turn here onto Westerburg Road, we are the 2nd driveway on the left. The driveway is faiirly hidden until you are right next to it so keep your eyes out and it will be easy to find.

Driving West

You can either drive until you hit the main intersection into town at Victoria Road, turn left and then follow the same directions as above or alternately there is a shortcut via the Eastern Access Road. Turn left off the highway to access this road then follow it around until you meet 4th Street then turn left and follow the road around past the 1st B& B sign, past the airport on your right until you see the next B & B sign pointing left, turn here onto Westerburg Road and take the second driveway on the left.

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